1. All services connected to Tutbul Application, domain names, software codes, interfaces, contents, product investigations, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and other intellectual rights (except contents and applications of third parties) belong to Tutbul Digital Publishing Inc. In addition, the softwares, designs and copyrights of services offered belong to Tutbul Digital Publishing Inc. Reproducing and distributing the services and pages related these services and doing reverse engineering are not permitted.

2. Only Tutbul allows to share contents (like video, writing, image, news, audio) that are created by Tutbul by stating the source and giving active link and to use streaming videos and embedded codes in different websites.

3. Tutbul Application aims to produce contents about internet, technology and digital work culture, to publish them, to provide a platform for all contents which the memberships publish about internet, technology and digital work culture and to present all contents to public as suggestions and information.

4. Tutbul App guarantee that all contents for the purpose of informing the users and members are absolutely correct and declare that these contents are only published as suggestions and information.

5. Tutbul App can cooperate with some third party institutions to use more effective the services offered. These cooperations can be made through ads, sponsorship, leave marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods.Tutbul.com guarantee and declare that leave communication will be made as required by law, communications and marketing activities will not be made without the permission of user/member, tools that allow user to quit from application free and easily will be provided.

6. Tutbul App do not control the data and contents created by user in any way. However, Tutbul has rights to to stop publishing the contents, remove contents and cancel the membership in the cases like violating the personal rights of 3. persons and institutions and the other rights protected in the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international agreements; sending contents which infringe or include obscenity, insult, swearing and humiliating phrases; using services out of the purposes of Tutbul.

7. Tutbul App will do its best to ensure interrupted and error-free operation of the services offered.However, Tutbul App services can be effected some cases like technical failures in the systems of service providers which permit to internet access, system failures of 3rd parties, system maintenance and compulsory reasons. Tutbul will take necessary precautions to enable using services effectively, but…..

8. Tutbul App offers all contents and services free of charge as of the date of these terms. At any time in the future, it has the right to benefit from the services and contents offered as free of charge and/or not. The types of paid services and subscriptions can be separately stated in the part of “Pro Membership”. Users should read the provided services and their properties if they choose one of the subscriptions. Users/member can not request more services than Tutbul’s promised in any way.

9. Tutbul can unilaterally make changes on provided services to give best service every time if it is needed.

10. The user is responsible for the accuracy and confidentiality of the provided information to Tutbul while becoming a member of Tutbul App, as well as the protection of the password, user name and not sharing them with others. Tutbul does not accept responsibility in cases of unauthorized access to these information and using Tutbul services.

11. Tutbul can unilaterally make changes on this terms of use, repeal it or publish its’ new version according to changed laws and conditions.

12. Any legal disputes that may arise between Tutbul and the user will firstly be tried to resolve in good faith, otherwise the parties agree that The Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are competent. The terms of use offered to you are deemed to have been accepted by both parties after the user becomes a registered member/ enters the application and starts to use the contents and services. When the terms of use are not accepted, it is sufficient for the user not to use the application and its services.

Effective Date: 06/02/2019

Tutbul Digital Publishing Inc.
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